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Minor Procedures

Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Internal Medicine & Family Medicine & Pediatrician & Internist located in Arlington, VA

A comprehensive internal medicine health care facility, Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in Arlington, Virginia, can perform many minor procedures for your convenience. Mary Ellen Gallagher, MD offers these procedures to benefit your health and heal mild injuries or illnesses. Call if you need minor medical care or schedule an appointment online today.

Minor Procedures Q & A

What types of minor procedures are available?

Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics dedicates itself to providing personalized, integrative medicine. This includes helping you when you need a minor procedure performed like: 

  • Blood pressure screenings
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Blood testing
  • Urinalysis
  • Wart removal
  • Wound care
  • Vaccinations
  • Skin biopsy

When scheduling your appointment, specify that you might need a minor procedure done so the team can allow enough time for your visit. 

Some procedures, like blood pressure checks, are included as a routine part of your visit, while others, like wart removal, require a special visit of their own. 

How do I benefit from the in-office minor procedures that are offered?

The team at Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics hopes to save you time, hassle, and stress by offering minor procedures in the comfort of their office. 

You don’t have to travel to multiple locations to get the tests, screenings, and specific procedures you and your family need to maximize health. Plus, you get to work with a staff you know and can trust.

When are minor procedures necessary?

You may have a minor procedure performed as part of a regular wellness check or physical. The providers may include these procedures as part of your chronic disease care management plan. 

Sometimes, you won’t know you need a minor procedure until you get to your appointment and the doctor recommends it. This often happens with certain blood tests or other lab screenings.

Minor procedures, like lab tests and blood pressure checks, help:

  • Diagnose disease or illness
  • Predict health issues
  • Identify emerging problems
  • Qualify your risk of disease
  • Inform treatment planning
  • Evaluate treatment response
  • Monitor disease progression

Minor procedures can also help you feel and look better. For example, wart removal offered at Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics expediently and efficiently eliminates bothersome warts with cryotherapy (freezing), cutting the wart away, or applying a medical-grade solution. 

There’s no need to visit a separate dermatological office to have this minor procedure done. 

To benefit from the minor procedures conveniently offered at Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, call to schedule an appointment or book online today.