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Full Lab Testing

Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

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With some medical practices, you have to visit an external facility to get full lab testing. At Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, experienced providers Mary Ellen Gallagher, MD respects that your time is valuable; that’s why they offer full lab testing in their Arlington, Virginia, office. Reach out by phone or with online booking to arrange convenient lab testing.

Full Lab Testing Q & A

What is full lab testing?

At Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, full lab testing is comprehensive blood, urine, saliva, and other types of testing provided in the office. Many other medical care facilities refer patients to outside labs, which delays results. The on-site testing allows you to get needed information right away.

When would I need full lab testing?

The Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics team may recommend lab testing for many different reasons, including: 

  • You are experiencing changes in your body
  • Diagnosing diseases and conditions
  • Monitoring chronic illness
  • Treatment planning 
  • Treatment prep before minor procedures
  • Pre-operative clearance
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of current treatments

The team may recommend full lab testing during your annual physical, well-woman exam, men's health exam, sick visit, or other appointments at Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. 

How does full lab testing work?

During lab testing, the team analyzes your samples to look for specific substances and their levels. For example, COVID-19 antibody testing checks for particular proteins that indicate you had a previous infection. 

The team may compare your current lab tests to your prior lab tests, allowing them to monitor changes in your condition or disease over time. 

How do I prepare for full lab testing?

Every lab test may require a different type of preparation. For example, in some cases, with a cholesterol test or blood glucose test, you may need to fast for up to 12 hours ahead of the test. You don't need to do anything specific to get ready for a test like a complete blood count. 

Certain tests require dietary changes. For example, with a fecal occult blood test, you have to change your diet by avoiding foods such as beef and liver.  Other tests may require temporary medication changes.

If you need any special preparation for your lab tests, the Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics team will explain everything ahead of time. 

Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics treats you like a member of the family — and that includes valuing your time. With full lab testing in the office, you can get the tests you need in a matter of minutes and then get on with your day. Book your appointment by calling the office or schedule online today.