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Annual Physical

Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

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An annual physical exam is a vital part of whole-body health and preventive care at all ages. At the small family-owned medical practice, Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, in Arlington, Virginia, the providers tailor annual physicals for your individual needs. Because experienced provider Mary Ellen Gallagher, MD knows her patients well, recognizes potential problems early, and starts treatment promptly. She can also monitor your chronic conditions and offer caring support for all your other medical needs. Book your appointment online or call the office today.

Annual Physical Q & A

What is an annual physical?

An annual physical is an exam to help you maintain good health. During annual physicals at Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, the team performs a variety of screening tests that can detect diseases and health threats at their early stages. 

Early diagnosis means you can start treatment when the condition or disease is either still preventable or most treatable. 

Who should have an annual physical?

Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics typically recommends an annual physical for all ages. A back-to-school exam is a good way for children to start a new school year in peak health. 

For adults, an annual physical is the best way to stay vigilant about health threats and whole-body wellness. 

What happens during an annual physical?

The team personalizes annual physicals according to your medical history, current health needs, and family history. Most physical exams include:

  • Review of personal, family and social medical history
  • Lab testing 
  • Full body exam

The team asks about your health habits, routines, mental health concerns, and other personal information to get a clear picture of your needs. Depending on your age, sex, health history, health problems, and risk level, the team may perform disease screenings. 

Disease screening can include blood, urine, and stool tests as well as imaging studies like X-rays. Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics offers full lab testing on-site to make the screening process easy. The team may recommend additional testing in the future, based on screening results. 

If you need immunizations, the team can administer them during your annual physical. The team keeps detailed records for every patient so they can recommend immunizations at the most effective frequency.  

An annual physical exam is also an opportunity to talk about your health goals with your medical providers. The team is here to help you succeed, whether you want to lose weight, feel better physically, reduce your risk of illness later in life, or simply look your best. 

Because the team knows every patient so well, they can make the most individualized recommendations during your physical exams. 

To get a comprehensive annual physical, call Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics or schedule your appointment online today.