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Here at NOVA Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, we are always open to new resumés and applications. If we like what we see, we will find a place for you. Send your resumé to


Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics offers a collaborative and flexible work atmosphere. Not only are our staff approachable, but supportive for those trying to learn more about medicine. Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics is a great job for those trying to become more exposed to the medical field, or for those who are looking for stability in their work with job mobility. 

Our staff have weekly margaritas nights and are establishing a bowling team. Apply soon to join it!


While we are always hiring smart and driven individuals, the following positions are open. We are actively interviewing candidates for:

We currently have no openings

Want to apply but worried about finding and affording child care?

Dr. Gallagher doesn't want child care to be an obstacle for any potential employee. She is willing to work with you and find a plan that is accomodating for your individual situation. 


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